Home Market Analysis OpixTech : One Small Step For Me, One Giant Step For Fintech

OpixTech : One Small Step For Me, One Giant Step For Fintech

OpixTech : One Small Step For Me, One Giant Step For Fintech

“It’s a small step for us, but a big step for fintech.” — Joseph Culter, CEO of OpixTech

Half a century ago, American astronaut Neil Armstrong became the first man to set foot on the surface of the moon with words that are still remembered today. Fifty years later, OpixTech has followed the great man’s lead and taken a big step forward in fintech, from moon landing technology to advances in financial technology.

In the past, for most people fintech was an unattainable existence, highly questionable and difficult for the average person to use in reality. While fintech has become a commonplace for institutions, OpixTech is breaking with tradition and focusing on developing fintech products that are closer to public opinion and helping more retail investors embrace and adopt FinTech technology. The development of OpixTrade and OpixAlgo has certainly helped the entire fintech industry to take a big step forward by significantly reducing the information gap between retail investors and institutional investors, and bringing the choice of financial instruments available to retail investors closer to that of institutional investors.


OpixTrade is a trading platform that combines in-depth data from multiple markets, optimized trading strategies and multi-asset support. It provides a powerful online trading application for corporate users and professional traders. OpixTrade visualizes data containing a large series of data sets. Allowing you to see the trading volume of each price module, assess the head-to-head between buyers and sellers, and also enable traders and investors to take further predictive action on future price levels.


OpixAlgo is an algorithmic trading service for the Forex market that analyses market micro-structure to find arbitrage trading opportunities and make trading decisions. The OpixAlgo algorithm is an algorithm that implements FX execution arbitrage and is designed to reduce overall slippage to complete intra-day orders. The algorithm matches market maker order flow data with multiple algorithmic models, enabling OpixAlgo to execute larger orders.


OpixTech is a leading financial technology company founded in 2017 based in Seychelles, engaged in algorithmic trading services and development, working with counter-parties, exchanges, investment banks, family offices and electronic trading platforms worldwide to provide automated market making systems and automated trading systems for use in the equity, forex, options and commodity markets. OpixTech provides clients with stable algorithmic trading systems that help market participants around the world gain a trading advantage in a variety of asset classes. OpixTech’s mission is to be an algorithmically and technologically advanced world financial technology company serving clients worldwide.

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