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Dividing the World Economic system = Financial Decline – Funding Watch

Dividing the World Economic system = Financial Decline – Funding Watch


by Martin Armstrong

QUESTION: Do you assume Putin is dropping?


ANSWER: I actually assume the rhetoric is harmful. Persons are ignoring that the world is dividing. That is making a harmful new chilly conflict that may simply flip very popular. If Putin was dropping and his place can be in jeopardy, then he would get far more aggressive.

My level is that persons are not those that create wars – it’s politicians. Some persons are silly followers and simply consider the political statements. I pray that Putin just isn’t dropping as a result of it’ll get very ugly then. We should perceive that reply here’s a quite simple answer. Let the 2 provinces vote on their very own destiny. That might take away any justification for Putin to be in Ukraine and your complete world can breathe once more as a substitute of holding their breath.

That is all drama and we have now to take a look at the massive image right here. Is it actually smart to push Russia into complete isolation? Utilizing the SWIFT choice is extremely harmful and now Swiss banks have frozen the cash of Russian people. The West has now proven to your complete world that the worldwide monetary system is political and never impartial. That has been an enormous mistake. That may solely present the motivation to push ahead China’s different SWIFT system. That could be a division of the world economic system and can solely increase commerce obstacles and cut back financial development going ahead.

World peace has NOT been created by nuclear weapons. It has been created by worldwide commerce. Neither Russia nor China would need conflict so long as their economies profit from the worldwide economic system. Isolate them and also you now take away the motivation for peace. We’re stricken by short-sighted folks in authorities all over the place who fail to understand how and why the world economic system has benefited everybody.

Imposing sanctions, that are by no means a deterrent, and eradicating Russia from SWIFT, they now know the US and Europe are the enemies. The sanctions from Crimea have by no means been lifted. As soon as imposed, they all the time change into everlasting. This leaves the long run very darkish certainly and these morons are clueless about incentives, human nature, or historical past. These sensible leaders of the free world are pushing society to its doom. Severing world commerce with Russia is a warning signal even to China. Disagree with the West and you can be minimize out of the world economic system. That leaves solely ONE decision – WAR.



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