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Since DeFi took off in the summer of 2020, liquidity mining has become one of the most popular activities for holders of cryptocurrency. The total value locked in DeFi protocols has exceeded US$3 billion as of May 2021.

Many projects on the market promise huge returns in a short span of time but usually fall short on their promises. Kings Man DeFi aggregator does things differently and is focused on providing a sustainable source of income for the entire DeFi community.

The value proposition of Kings Man DeFi aggregator is simply to help users save time and money while doing DeFi. Kings Man DeFi aggregator not only also provides price information on different platforms for users to compare but also applies its own optimal strategy for users to consider.

Users need not actively develop their own strategies and experience losses in the process. They can leverage on tested and proven techniques provided by other more experienced users and help their investments grow. As cross protocol transactions are done via smart contracts automatically, it removes the need for the user to do it manually. This also brings about a lower number of overall transactions, thereby bringing down the gas fees as well.

Additionally, certain smaller cap tokens do not have enough liquidity on a single platform. Kings Man DeFi aggregator helps to aggregate liquidity on multiple platforms so users can get more cost-effective transaction prices. On top of all the aforementioned benefits, Kings Man DeFi aggregator also adds a more user-friendly interface to many other powerful DeFi applications. All in all, the emergence of Kings Man DeFi aggregator has obvious benefits for the entire DeFi community, either by enriching the user experience for the DeFi dabblers, or lowering the barriers to entry for the new comers.

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