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Timothy Sykes

Never Hold and Hope with Supernovas

Promoters prey on our emotions.They claim to have a unique insight that allows them to predict parabolic price moves.The louder they get, the harder they are to ignore.Eventually, they suck those last buyers...

Tips To Avoid Risky Trading And Still Be Profitable {VIDEO}

It’s okay to trade scared. It’s what keeps you safe in a scary market. You don’t have to take big risks or hold through big drawdowns like some inexperienced traders or so-called...

How To Kill Your Bad Trading Habits, And Start Making Money In The Market

Developing as a trader is challenging.Why?Because to find your edge, you’ve got to experiment and learn new strategies.I don’t know about you, but when I try something new, I suck at first.That’s just...

Learn Or Sink — Stock Trading Tips {VIDEO}

Every day I fight a battle to make students study harder. I’ve already made it — and I donate all my trading profits to charity. I’m here for YOU…I want everyone to...

How To Profit Even In A Down Market {VIDEO}

The markets all ended last week with a massive sell off. So are we going back to our lows or is this just a small setback?It’s too early to tell … but...

A Totally Unconventional Pattern – Timothy Sykes

No one takes a road trip without directions or, at the very least, a map.But that’s what you do when you trade without a chart pattern.Chart patterns are the very foundation of what...

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