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Shaun Jex

4 Value-Added Benefits of Integrating Acumatica with YayPay

You’ve got Acumatica, and it’s an effective ERP. But without YayPay, it can’t reach its full potential. Our AR automation software is designed to give your finance team full control of the credit-to-cash...

4  value-added benefits of integrating NetSuite with YayPay

NetSuite is a great tool. But without the proper AR automation software, you aren’t unlocking its full potential. That’s because it wasn’t designed with the specific needs of accounts receivable in mind.      At YayPay,...

Building Customer Relationships Through AR Transparency

As businesses continue to embrace the digitization of processes, a focus on improving customer experience (CX) is becoming a mandate. According to Forbes, only 4% of customers state a willingness to stay with a...

Part 3: Why YayPay’s ERP integration is the best in the business

Want to unlock the full potential of your ERP? Combine it with an AR automation solution that's designed to maximize its value. That means picking a solution that fully integrates with your ERP and...

How WS Audiology Boosted Business by Making the Customer King

At the start of the pandemic, WS Audiology faced a number of accounts receivable challenges. They needed an AR solution that would help them manage customer relationships virtually. Their existing automation software did...

Why YayPay’s User Experience is the Best in the Business

Whether getting stuck in traffic or sitting in the airport waiting on a flight, no one likes delays, particularly when it impacts your pocketbook. Unfortunately, that’s precisely what many accounts receivable software providers...

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