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Here’s How Chingari Raises the Bar For NFT Marketplaces With Creator Cuts

Powered by blockchain and non-fungible token technology, Web3 stands poised to disrupt the way content creators monetize their work, pulling the rug from under the corporations that previously called the shots. Leading the...

8 Best Cryptocurrency to Invest in for 10x in August 2022

Finding the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2022 for maximum returns can be a rather arduous process. However, we’ve got a solution. During this guide, we’ll be taking a look at 8 of the...

The Most Dedicated CEO in South Korea, Leads Wemade to New Heights

Wemade (a pioneer South Korean game developer and publisher) announced on July 12th that its CEO Henry Chang exercised his stock options and bought 223,504 shares for an astonishing USD 2.67 million (KRW...

GameFi Platform is Gateway to Web 3.0

To many, Web 3.0 can be intimidating to enter. G-Link makes blockchain mobile gaming accessible and brings Web 2.0 gamers into Web 3.0 through fun F2P P2E games. Nascent potential for P2E gaming Once...

Do Guilds Hold the Future of Blockchain Gaming?

Many people believe that Web 3.0 and blockchain technology will be a revolutionary force that will change our lives forever. Technology has already made substantial advancements in various fields, including financial products and...

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