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Frank Kaberna

How Does Inflation Affect Markets?

The highest inflation measure in more than 40 years has left many markets in utter disarray: Nasdaq is at its lowest since 2020, interest rates are their highest since 2007, and the US...

The End of an Era for the Euro

If you started trading in the last two decades, you’ve only known a world in which the euro is worth more than the US dollar. You’d have to go all the way back...

Probabilities are Accurate Until They Aren’t

Almost everything in your life can be viewed as an event with a probability. What are the chances your local grocery store has the item you’re looking for? What’s the likelihood of running...

How the Fed Affects Interest Rates

Last week, the Federal Open Market Committee held their fourth meeting of the year where they hiked the Federal Funds Rate – a benchmark for short-term interest rates in the US – by...

Neutral Trading Strategies for an Inactive Market

What do you do when the dust settles, the smoke clears, and you’re left with middling markets? After quite a volatile May, June has seen the stock market bounce back (albeit slightly) and...

Probabilistic Modeling for Trending Markets

Many mathematicians start with the same, single assumption when they commence any probabilistic modeling: the probability of a market moving higher or lower on any given day is 50%. Though this may seem...

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