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Week Forward: Inflation Knowledge, Fed Coverage Assembly

Until there's a enormous CPI shock, Fed is slated to lift charges by 0.5% The Fed may make a hawkish assertion, which may rile markets There are two ranges of market drivers: (1) pressure between...

Week Forward: Inflation, Midterm Elections To Drive Market Expectations

A low CPI will decrease outlook for charge hikes Polls have Republicans in lead; Democratic shock win will increase fears of extra spending Final week, yield curve inverted probably the most in 40 years Two catalyst-making...

Week Ahead: Fed Meeting Will Test The Short-Term Rebound

Every time the short-term trend rises, traders believe rates will ease While some central banks began slowing rate hikes, the ECB persisted US data and Fedspeak suggest the Fed will persist as well The Federal Open...

Week Ahead: 30% S&P 500 Companies Report Earnings Which Will Test Rebound

The relationship between treasuries and stocks cannot be taken for granted Corporate earnings and central bank meetings will test the market rebound Bear markets also include upward rallies; that doesn't mean a bottom is in Treasury...

Week Ahead: Stocks To Gyrate On Technicals, Mester, Jobs Data

Soaring yields demonstrate investors believe Mester's path to higher interest rates The three major averages extended downtrend Nonfarm Payrolls will create inflation expectations This past January, I was still operating according to a near-zero interest rate...

Week Ahead: Stocks In Holding Pattern Till FOMC

Investors are catching on - the Fed means business All eyes are on FOMC next Weds. Steepening inverted yield increases likelihood of a consensus on recession It's official. The Federal Reserve is controlling markets. Perhaps a...

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